Mastering Your Music For iTunes With Apple Audio Mastering Tools [Free]

Apple has released Apple Audio Mastering Tools To hear how music will sound after it’s encoded to make important creative choices during the mastering process.
The Mastered for iTunes droplet is a simple, standalone drag-and-drop tool that automates the creation of iTunes Plus format masters, allowing for a preview of songs using the same world-class technology used to encode the entire catalog for the iTunes Library.

AURoundTripAAC is an Audio Unit that allows you to compare audio encoded using iTunes Plus AAC against a source audio file. It also includes clip and peak detection, as well as a simple listening test environment. It can be used in any Audio Unit host application, such as Logic or AU Lab.

You can also use the command-line tool afclip to check any file for clipping. This tool works by examining an audio file and identifying areas where clipping has occurred. For more information about this tool, run afclip -h from the command line.
This tool is gets installed in: /usr/local/bin

Download For Free:

Apple Audio Mastering Tools Zip
Creating Masters for iTunes PDF

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