Erol Singer’s Studio iOS App

Finally, a voice trainer for the rest of us! If you can’t tell whether or not you’re on key when singing songs or performing vocal exercises, let this app help you by analyzing your voice and giving you instant feedback while you practice the included voice lessons. We’ve designed it to be simple enough for absolute beginners, yet powerful enough for the most advanced singers.

Did you know that even professional singers have pitch problems unless they practice regularly?

Erol Singer’s Studio is a complete voice and ear training program with intuitive pitch-tracking technology that gives you continuous visual feedback about your voice, so you know immediately if you’re singing the right notes.

The app includes 36 voice lessons that were designed by an award winning singer and vocal coach to help you learn about your voice and become a better singer. When you follow the instructions and practice the lessons, your tone, range, and vocal flexibility will improve, and you will simply sound better singing your favorite songs.

“Certainly the best App for singers in the App Store! … A Killer App!” – (Apr 15, 2012 – #1 app in “My Best Setup for Singer” category)

“This is a near perfect system. I am thrilled with the scope and effectiveness of this app. … I’ll be sharing this with many others.” – Stanley (Apr 12, 2012 – Forum comment in Vocal Health section of the User’s Manual)

What will Erol Singer’s Studio do for you?

– Detect your vocal range by first listening to you, and customize the lessons to a comfortable range for your voice type. Be sure to use this feature when you first start; it’ll make the the notes so much easier to sing, and you’ll be able to focus on learning.
– Show you when you’re singing the right notes and help you sing in tune
– Teach you correct singing techniques that are widely used around the world
– Train your ear
– Allow you to practice on your own if you’re shy about singing in front of others

– Show you what parts of your range have problems
– Increase your range and track your progress
– Improve the quality of your tone
– Help smooth vocal breaks
– Improve your musical ear

– Provide you with effective warmup/cooldown exercises
– Keep your voice in top shape with a thorough voice exercise program
– Improve your sight singing if you follow the music notation instead of the note bubbles
– (Optional) See the “Ear Training for Singers” package mentioned below

– Give you great exercises you can use with your students, at a fraction of the cost you can get from anywhere else. You can even enable “cue-chords” to see the additional chords that the piano is playing.
– Help your new students with getting their pitch right

Erol_Singer_s_Studio_-_Voice_Lessons_for_iPhone__iPad__and_iPod_touch_on_the_iTunes_App_Store (1)

Erol Singer’s Studio is NOT a karaoke game and as such does not include sing-along songs. It is a fun app that will seriously improve your singing. The app comes with 36 lessons included (covering everything from beginner to advanced), with an option to buy more exercises such as the “Ear Training for Singers” package that includes an additional set of 51 exercises for scales, intervals, and arpeggios that will greatly expand your musicianship.

Download Erol Singer’s Studio – Voice Lessons Here

  • Fire Fly

    is this app compatable with Mac book Air

  • This app for iOS not the Mac

  • Leeann

    I just got it on my iPhone 4S. I’m also going to do a review on how great it is for me and how long I’ve searched for the same excersises my high school chorus teacher taught me. She was a really good singer and an even better teacher – I know at least one of her students that has made it big on Broadway.