Logic Pro X custom icons 636x310

How To Add Custom Track Icons in Logic Pro X

In Logic Pro 9 adding custom icons was a lot easier. However there is a way to do so. First icons are now multi-layer TIFF files instead of single layer PNGs. Second you will have to dig around inside the Logic Pro X App and do some editing. Below is a video walk though of[…]

Merge Channel Strip Settings in Logic Pro X Very Cool Feature [Video]

In Logic Pro X you can merge patch settings from another patch with the current patch. This has several uses: for example, you can merge effects with a patch while keeping the existing instrument, or conversely try out different instruments while preserving the existing effects setup. The patch merging area contains buttons for four types[…]

MixerFace: The Mobile Recording Interface for smartphones and tablets

MixerFace: The Mobile Recording Interface For Mac/PC Smartphones & Tablets

Designed to sit under an iPhone, but also compatible with other smartphones, tablets and Mac/PC, the device sports two Neutrik combo jack inputs with boutique low-noise microphone preamps, independent gain controls with LED level monitoring, switchable 48V phantom power, various monitoring options, a headphone amp and 24-bit/192kHz converters. It comes with a rechargeable battery built in.