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  • iPad running iOS 5
  • Apple Logic Pro 9.1.6 or higher music application installed on your Mac
  • Wi-Fi access to Mac running Logic
  • iPad Bluetooth must be set to OFF to insure reliable communications

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  • Transport controls on all screens, including metronome, cycle and replace-record
  • Track name and number shown
  • Adjust each track’s volume with multi-touch faders; values displayed
  • Edit pan and up to 5 send levels; value displayed
  • Edit software instrument parameters; parameter values displayed
  • Select, mute, solo and record enable any track
  • Enable/bypass and edit parameter settings up to 12 insert effect plugins
  • Adjust master volume & 3 Aux channels
  • Dedicated EQ screen mimics Logic’s Channel EQ editing capability
  • “LCD” displays timecode & bar-beat playhead location
  • Move Loop Cycle location, or navigate by Markers
  • Reset Solo to Off on all tracks
  • Set automation mode per track
  • Double tap most faders and rotaries to return to default position
  • Preference settings: disable iPad sleep mode (Autolock); faders “jump on touch”; choose vertical rotary manipulation

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