Erol Singer’s Studio iOS App

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platform binryoptionsdemo – Detect your vocal range by first listening to you, and customize the lessons to a comfortable range for your voice type. Be sure to use this feature when you first start; it’ll make the the notes so much easier to sing, and you’ll be able to focus on learning.
– Show you when you’re singing the right notes and help you sing in tune
– Teach you correct singing techniques that are widely used around the world
– Train your ear
– Allow you to practice on your own if you’re shy about singing in front of others

qual è il miglior intervallo di tempo per negoziare opzioni binarie – Show you what parts of your range have problems
– Increase your range and track your progress
– Improve the quality of your tone
– Help smooth vocal breaks
– Improve your musical ear opzioni binarie nuove strategie – Provide you with effective warmup/cooldown exercises
– Keep your voice in top shape with a thorough voice exercise program
– Improve your sight singing if you follow the music notation instead of the note bubbles
– (Optional) See the “Ear Training for Singers” package mentioned below bonus trading – Give you great exercises you can use with your students, at a fraction of the cost you can get from anywhere else. You can even enable “cue-chords” to see the additional chords that the piano is playing.
– Help your new students with getting their pitch right

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New Music Preview

  • Fire Fly

    is this app compatable with Mac book Air

  • This app for iOS not the Mac

  • Leeann

    I just got it on my iPhone 4S. I’m also going to do a review on how great it is for me and how long I’ve searched for the same excersises my high school chorus teacher taught me. She was a really good singer and an even better teacher – I know at least one of her students that has made it big on Broadway.